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Rolling Out Success: Why implementing the best technology should also mean investing in the best wheels and tires

With a new year comes new goals for warehouse efficiency and the ever-advancing technology to achieve them.
Although easily overlooked, we must also focus on the efficiency provided by the wheels and tires running our equipment. Paying for the best technology means it is also essential to invest in the wheels and tires that will further maximize overall warehouse efficiency and equipment uptime.
Today, warehouses and distribution centers are forced to scrutinize their warehouse efficiency as the demand increases for faster turnaround and order fulfillment. In addition, the growing number of SKUs found in these operations has prompted a search for improved picking productivity with reduced error. Beyond the quantitative factors, satisfaction in the workplace is another contributing factor to the shifting investment towards new technology. Automation, for example, allows for the reallocation of skilled labor towards less monotonous tasks. Regardless of your other motives for optimization…

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